Marikka Green

When she moved to the United States from Germany in the early 1980’s, Marikka Green was invited to take one item from her uncle’s incredible selection. She chose a Black Mary and Icon, which she had admired for years, going back to her childhood visits to this favorite uncle’s home.

Lennie Cujé

Lennie Cujé was born in Giessen, Germany the first day of 1933. By the end of WWII, he had been in a sanitarium, spent years in a specialty school for music prodigies, been trained to operate a machine gun as a member of the Hitler Youth, and was a refugee who walked 500 miles to return to his family. Lennie carried two suitcases with him on this journey across post-war Germany, suitcases he brought with him on his journey to the United States as a 17 year old in January 1950, and suitcases he maintains to this day, as they contain mementos from his life as an accomplished vibraphone player.

Karin Rosnizeck

Karin Rosnizeck has had this handmade Kasper doll for her entire life. An aunt, deaf, and living in a home for the deaf outside of Munich, Germany, sewed this for Karin when she was an infant. It has always been by her side, and came with her when she moved to the United States five years ago.